THE BOW Parking

The Parkade is Managed by Indigo Parc Canada Inc.: 403-263 8155. It is open from 6am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 4:30 pm Weekends and Holidays.

There are six levels of underground parking at THE BOW site. You can access the Parkade from 5th Avenue, between Centre Street and First Street SE, and 6th Avenue opposite THE BOW (joint entrance with the dock). Parkade elevators in the north and south block service all levels of the parkade and bring passengers to the main floor, the +15 level or 7th Avenue.

Daily parkers can exit the parkade through the stairwells or either elevator bank. Returning daily parkers can enter THE BOW and pay in the lobby before using the elevators to access the parkade or can enter the code on the back of their ticket in the keypad at the south entry on 7th Avenue. There are payment machines just inside the lobby. The elevators will then take you to your parking floor.

Tenants please consult your own company information for details of reserved parking.

The Parkade (or parts of it) may have to be closed from time to time for preventative maintenance; however, we attempt to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible.

Please note that truck trailers, or vehicles over 6ft 10in high are not allowed in the Parkade.

Bike Parking

THE BOW parkade has space for 320 bicycles in secure cages on the B1 level. Additional bike racks are provided outside on the east and west sides of the buidling. Motor bikes will use the normal car parking stalls. Bikes, except small folding bikes which are totally contained in a carrying case, are not allowed in the tower on or above the ground level.

Cyclists will access and exit the parkade via 5th Avenue. They should dismount and use the walkway on the right side of the ramp entering the parkade via the main door.

Only staff of the major tenants may park bikes in the parkade. The annual fee for parking for cycles is $100 + GST. Prior to filling out the Bicycle Parking Agreement please call the parking office (403-263-8155) to inquire about bike parking availability. Cycle parking is managed by Indigo Parc Canada Inc.