Using External Contractors
Work Authorization Permits

All external contractors working in the building must have authorization from H&R. There are two types of authorization general and minor works.

Minor Works covers low risk activities such as catering, copier servicing, coffee and other deliveries, flower maintenance etc. H&R will not require to see insurance and WCB for these companies but you are strongly urged to check both in case an accident happens while they are in your space. If they are uninsured liability could fall on your organization. Each Tenant has an annual Work Authorization Permit (WAP) for minor works which lists the companies covered and times they may enter their space. This list may be added to or amended at any time by contacting the H&R Service Line.

All other work requires a regular Work Authorization Permit (WAP) to be completed.

If you have contractors who may need to be called in at short notice, ie when critical equipment fails, an annual WAP may be issued. Annual WAPs will only be issued up until the expiry date of the insurance.

Dock & Parking

Contractors wishing to bring in equipment for work they are doing in the building must use the dock and freight elevator for access. Access to the freight elevators is on a first come basis during the business day. Contractors may not park in the dock during the day. TCPL manages the parkade and parking is on an annual/monthly basis. Day parking is not permitted.

There is a 20 minute delivery time limit in the dock. Deliveries that may take longer than this should be scheduled for out of dock business hours.

The dock and freight elevator may be booked for out of dock business hours. There may be a fee to cover the additional security staff required to open and monitor the dock.

Work may not be undertaken in the dock without H&R approval. For safety reasons repairs in the dock will only normally be authorized outside dock business hours.

Any goods delivered to the dock or awaiting collection must be moved the same day. Equipment/materials left on the dock for longer periods without approval may be disposed of.


The telecoms infrastructure of the building is managed by a consultant working for TCPL. Any work which requires access to this network will require his authorization. In order to avoid delays you are strongly urged to seek approval for this work to be undertaken before contractors arrive.

Hot Work

ny work that may involve high temperatures, sparks etc must be pre authorized by H&R and a Hot Work Permit completed. This process ensures that all safety measures are taken and smoke detectors etc disabled. Any area where hot work has taken place will need to be monitored for at least 4 hours after the work is complete to minimize the risk of fire. During business hours this fire watch may need to be undertaken by the contractors. The H&R Building Operator completing the Hot Work Permit may also require a second person to stand fire watch while the work is carried out for safety reasons.


Due to health, safety and liability concerns contractors are required to bring their own equipment to complete the job. This includes ladders, lifts and tools.

Walls, Floors & Ceilings

Any renovations and alterations must be approved by the H&R Operations Manager. It is recommended that contact is made at the earliest stage of a planned project to ensure all requirements are met.

Any planned minor changes to walls, floors and ceilings including hanging heavy objects, cutting holes for access etc must be noted on the WAP.

Base Building Systems

Any work which involves base building systems, heating, lighting control systems etc must be approved by H&R Operations Manager. It is recommended that contact is made at the earliest stage of a planned project to ensure all requirements are met.

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