Operating Costs
What exactly is included in operating costs?

For your information the following list details the various components of your Operating Costs:

  • Cleaning - includes regularly or daily-scheduled dusting, vacuuming, garbage and recyclable material removal, kitchen clean-up, common area cleaning, exterior building cleaning, etc;
  • Utilities - includes electricity, water, gas;
  • Repairs and Maintenance - includes electrical, plumbing, HVAC, miscellaneous and major repairs, etc;
  • Elevators - including elevator contract and maintenance;
  • Security;
  • Building Management;
  • Waste Disposal;
  • Insurance;
  • Property Taxes;
  • Snow removal and landscaping.

Operating expenses are more fully defined in your Lease. These expenses together with Property Taxes are charged to the Tenant on a proportionate share basis calculated on the Tenant's rentable square footage. As your lease is directly with TCPL or their tenants, should you have any specific questions regarding your operating costs, please call them directly and talk to your representative in the leasing department.