Weaving Fence and Horn

"Weaving Fence and Horn", sculpture graces the north west corner of the property. This idea was conceived by artist John McEwen and Frank Wong of TC Energy PipeLines Limited. The sculpture is comprised of two pieces:

  • An abstract conception of a rocky mountain sheep's horn and
  • A wind fence which weaves along the western exposure of the TC Energy Tower

"Weaving Fence and Horn", ties to the earth at either end of the arch and underscores how everything comes from and ends up in the earth.

The sculpture is comprised entirely of recycled steel that was generously donated by IPSCO and transported from their plant in Regina, Saskatchewan to Hamilton, Ontario for fabrication. At the time of construction it was the largest recycled art in the country.

Walters Inc. of Hamilton, Ontario was the engineering and steel fabrication firm that built and erected the sculpture.

The greatest challenge in the creation of the horn was developing the concept conceived by the artist, and having the engineers from Walters Inc. digitalize it and do all the computer work before fabrication. This process alone took one year and the actual fabrication was 12 weeks, including fabrication, surface preparation and painting.

The final weight of the horn is 16 tons and the fence is 0.75 tons. The horn has a footprint of 30 ft. x 13 ft and rises to an arch of 24 ft in height. It curves as a natural ram's horn would and meets the earth at either end.

The fence acts as a buffer to the strong west winds at the corner of the building. These winds can reach up to 100 km per hour at times in Calgary. It is 8 feet tall and extends for 12 feet along the west side of the TC Energy Tower.