Hazardous Materials

Certain controlled products that fall within the WHMIS legislation may need to be disposed of as hazardous waste. Controlled products are identified by the label with a slash-marked border. The accompanying MSDS sheet gives information on disposal.

It is your company's legal responsibility to store any hazardous products on your premises safely and to ensure that a licensed waste contractor disposes them of, according to government regulations. For a listing of the licensed waste contractors in Calgary, please call 1-800-661-9278 or visit www.esaa.org and select Members Directory.

"Material Safety Data Sheets", detail the health risks and safety precautions associated with each controlled product. Information on MSDS's is available at www.ccohs.ca select "OSH Answers", then "MSDS's", under "Chemicals and Materials.", It is a legal requirement that you have a current (less than three years old) "Material Safety Data Sheet", for each controlled product on your premises. Please inform Tenant Services of the location of these materials in the case of an emergency .