H&R encourages its tenants to recycle wherever they can. We provide recycling facilities for the following:

Paper and Cardboard

A wide range of paper products are accepted for recycling including all coloured or white paper, bond or photocopy paper, carbonless paper, computer paper, all envelopes, flyers, newspapers & magazines, post-it notes and fax paper. Staples and paper clips can be left on papers. For more details concerning which paper products can be recycled, or to receive sheets, which can be posted next to the main collector box on your floor contact Tenant Services.

Carboard boxes should, if possible, be flattened and should be marked with a garbage sticker.

Beverage Containers

Should you wish to recycle your bottles and cans, we can provide a container for your office kitchen that will be emptied on a regular basis. This recycling is donated to the Children's Hospital. To obtain a container please contact Tenant Services.

Printer Cartridges

Print Cartridges can no longer be recycled by our contractors and must be returned to the manufacturer.


All types of batteries are accepted in our dock recycling center even though not all batteries can be reused/reclaimed. Those that cannot be recycled will be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.

In order to ensure the safety of carrriers and ease of seperation there are four pails in the recycling center. Batteries need to be sorted by whether they are rechargable and by whether or not they contain lithium.

Cell Phones

Cell phones and their batteries can be placed in the electronic waste recycling cages on the dock.

Electronic Waste

Computer parts and other electronic waste can also be left in the electronic waste recycling cages on the dock. Tenants are reminded to wipe any hard drives before leaving processors in the centre.

Contact Tenant Services at 403-215-2371 or with your recycling questions.