Air Conditioning/Air Circulation

Our air conditioning and circulation systems exceed all national health standards. State-of-the-art equipment provides continuous fresh air changes and allows a flexible temperature-controlled environment. Humidifiers help combat the effects of our city's dry climate. High efficiency filters throughout the building ensure that air is clean.

All mechanical systems at TC Energy Tower are monitored by a computer system programmed to provide optimum comfort and significant energy savings. You can help keep your office cool and electricity costs down by leaving your perimeter window blinds in the down position and closing them in bright sunlight.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is provided as part of the lease between 06:00 hours and 18:00 hours on working days. On weekends and holidays it is supplied between 09:00 hours and 16:00 hours (if requested). Please email to request HVAC or lighting outside of the aforementioned times.

All HVAC or lighting provided outside scheduled hours will be charged to the tenants concerned.

If a problem arises with your local air-conditioning please contact Tenant Services at 403-215-2371 or


We maintain and clean the standard Venetian blinds on your external window. They are dusted on a monthly basis. If you would like customized cleaning services for the blinds in your office, contact Tenant Services. Our contractor will be glad to design a cleaning program for your unique needs.

If your manual blinds are not working properly, give Tenant Services a call. We will arrange for your blinds to be repaired or replaced as needed. If your company has installed an alternative type of blinds the responsibility for their repair rests with you.


We are committed to keeping your building and office premises clean. However should you see anything that needs attention, please help us by contacting Tenant Services at 403-215-2371 or with details of the problem.

Also please tell us about any area that has not been cleaned to your satisfaction and we will see that the situation is corrected immediately.

Main floor lobbies and public areas are cleaned regularly during and after business hours. Your offices, and floor common areas are usually cleaned after normal business hours. Washrooms are cleaned after business hours but they are also cleaned and restocked once during normal hours. The schedule for cleaning your floor will be dependant upon the schedule established by your company's lease agreement.

At weeknight we dust furniture, clean glass tables and stands, empty non-paper baskets, clean washrooms, wet-mop or vacuum heavy traffic areas, clean kitchens, lunchrooms and coffee stations. Every week floors are wet mopped, buffed and vacuumed, we replace garbage bags and vacuum upholstered furniture. Every month we dust out-of-reach furniture and blinds.

If you would like a detailed cleaning schedule for your premises, or if you require a special service such as dishwashing or a different cleaning frequency, contact Tenant Services. Our cleaning contractor would be more than happy to accommodate you and can supply a quote for your particular needs. If you have a complaint about a specific or recurring cleaning problem, please contact Tenant Services at 403-215-2371 or

TC Energy Tower's public areas are cleaned and garbage is picked up continuously throughout the day. Because of the unique needs of each retailer, we do not provide further standardized cleaning services for stores in the TC Energy Tower. Our contractor would, however, be glad to set up a cleaning program specifically designed for your needs. Please contact Tenant Services for more information.


You can adjust the temperature within your offices by using your thermostats. However, if you are feeling uncomfortable with the temperature, please contact Tenant Services at 403-215-2371 or and we will dispatch an Operator to evaluate the situation.


The normal hours for full tower lighting are generally from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM but this may vary according to schedules that have been set up with tenants. If you are working late and the lights go out you will need to find the correct zone switch for the area you are working in. Take a moment during the day to find out where your zone switch is located.

Complete the Lighting form to request lighting on weekends and holidays or on weekdays outside normal hours on either a regular, scheduled or temporary basis.

Lighting provided outside scheduled hours will be charged to the tenants concerned.

When you need a burned out light bulb to be replaced just contact Tenant Services at 403-215-2371 or and we will arrange to have the light replaced. We have a selection of light bulbs available and staff ready to replace them. You can help us get to your location faster by giving the room number when you make the call. Light bulbs are normally replaced within 24 hours of receiving the call, ballasts are done once a week If you need more immediate service, let us know.


If you have a problem with base building plumbing in your premises, please contact Tenant Services at 403-215-2371 . We have qualified people on staff, who can help. Also, please call us if you notice a leak or plumbing problem in a washroom or other common area of the building.


Even though we keep a full inventory on hand and regularly check that washrooms are adequately stocked, we cannot always predict need. If you see a washroom in need of supplies or cleaning, contact Tenant Services at 403-215-2371 or and we will remedy the situation immediately.

Waste Removal

Office garbage wastebaskets are emptied at night unless you are in a locked office in which case these bins are emptied according to schedule. If you have more garbage than will fit into your wastebasket, contact Tenant Services at 403-215-2371 or We can arrange for pick up of excess waste upon request, during regular business hours, Monday to Friday. For items that will not fit in your garbage bin such as card board boxes there are "FOR DISPOSAL" garbage stickers. Items will be removed that evening. See also Disposal of Larger Items of Garbage and Recycling.

Window Washing

Office Tower exterior windows are washed twice a year and interior perimeter windows are washed once a year as requested. We will send you a written notice before your inside Office Tower perimeter windows are to be washed. Please move all objects away from the windows so they are easily accessible for cleaning. Interior glass partitions are washed twice a year.

Disposal of Larger Items of Garbage


Recycling and the disposal of garbage in the TC Energy Tower is a major undertaking. On a daily basis we fill three large cages with paper for recycling and have 5 to 8 metric tonnes of garbage removed weekly.

The disposal of garbage placed in the compactor is subject to a payment partly determined by weight. Certain items such as furniture, large objects and binders cannot be disposed of in the compactor and require separate disposal, again involving haulage and disposal charges.

Space is allocated on the dock for the handling of garbage and recycling. This accommodates the normal daily amount of paper recycling and garbage that comes down for disposal from the offices and shops. The dock is very busy throughout the day and although we can handle additional amounts we do need notice to ensure we have the room to locate it and the facilities to deal with it.


In order to ensure that we have the capacity to handle higher temporary volumes of garbage and recycling and to allocate the cost of their disposal to the people who use the service the following procedures are in place:

  • Notice of any large items for disposal must be provided, in writing, to tenant services 2 working days before it is to be removed from the your floor. This includes furniture and garbage or recycling created by filing purges.
  • Any additional costs specifically associated with the disposal of the items will be passed on to the tenant.
  • Large items will not be collected by the cleaning staff without prior approval. Large items for disposal may not be left in freight elevator lobbies or corridors as this constitutes a safety hazard.