Working in Washrooms


At various times operators, cleaners etc may need to enter the washrooms of the opposite sex in order to undertake their maintenance, cleaning or other duties. Where possible this is scheduled for outside business hours but this is not always possible. In order to avoid embarrassment and to allow staff and contractors to undertake their work in safety H&R has developed the following procedure that they are required to follow.

Staff Procedure

Staff will follow this procedure:

  1. When a washroom has two entries a no entry sign will be placed on one door and they will proceed outside to the second door, where possible.
  2. Prior to entering washrooms of the opposite sex they will knock loudly on the door.
    1. If there is no answer they will open the door slightly and in a loud voice enquire if anyone is inside
    2. If there is still no reply they will enter carefully checking for anyone inside.
    3. If they encounter anyone at any stage they will wait outside until the room is clear.
  3. Once they are sure it is clear they will post a sign on the second external door.
  4. As soon as work is completed both signs will be removed.
  5. Any work which could take some time to complete will, if possible, be scheduled out of office hours. In these cases alternative facilities will be identified.
  6. In an emergency the member of staff/contractor will ask an employee of the appropriate sex from that floor to enter and ask people to leave.
  7. While they are working, if a tenant of the opposite sex still insists on entering and if it is safe to do so, they must leave until the tenant exits, even if they are told they may stay.


Tenants are asked to respect the signs placed on washroom doors and not to embarrass staff and contractors by entering washrooms while staff of the opposite sex are working in them.

Remember many of our night time cleaning staff do not speak or read English well, if at all, so asking them to leave may not be feasible. If this causes an immediate problem phone security on 403-920-7000 and ask them to contact a cleaning supervisor.

Should you encounter staff and contractors not following these procedures please notify Tenant Services on 403-215-2371 or providing the date, time and place where the incident happened. H&R will then investigate.