Parking Manager: 403-920-7899

There are five levels of underground parking in the TC Energy Tower. You can access the Parkade from 5th Avenue, between Centre Street and First Street. Parkade elevators service all levels of the Parkade and bring passengers to the main floor or the +15 level.

Tenants entering the parkade, walk, drive and park at their own risk. The speed limit is 10kph. All directional signage must be obeyed. Failure to comply can lead to loss of parking privileges.

A TC Energy Parking sticker must be visible in or on your vehicle at all times when parked in this parkade. Failure to display the sticker WILL result in a City of Calgary parking tag being placed on the vehicle.

Your lease may include some parking spaces, additionally there is limited monthly parking available. To arrange for a monthly parking pass please call the Security Manager at 403-920-7899.

The Parkade (or parts of it) may have to be closed from time to time for preventative maintenance; however, we attempt to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible.

Please note that propane vehicles, truck trailers, or vehicles over 6ft 8ins high are not allowed in the Parkade.

Annual parking for bicycles is available in an open area and locked cage. Please contact the Security Manager for more information. Please only use the designated bike parking areas or your bicycle will be removed. Also please note that bicycles are not permitted in the TC Energy Tower common areas or elevators and, for your safety, roller blades may not be worn inside of the Complex.

If you forget your access card at home you can still use your parking stall. Enter the Parkade by using the intercom and Security will assist you.

If your parking access card is lost or stolen please phone Security immediately at 403-920-7000, so we can cancel your card and prevent unauthorized access to the Parkade and offices. There may be a charge for a lost or damaged card.

If you have a dead battery or flat tire go to our Security Office on the Main Floor next to the East side exit doors. One of our representatives will help you. We have an on-site battery booster and a compressor.

If you feel uneasy at all about walking to your vehicle, please stop at the Security Office. One of our Security Officers will be happy to escort you to your vehicle or to the nearest Ctrain station as soon as their duties permit.